Personal Injury

“Personal Injury” is a term applied to many types of injuries or accidents (see list to the right).


Although the mechanism of injury may differ, the results are all too common - pain, lost work, loss of functioning, emotional distress, financial harm – the list goes on. Because of your injury, you may become unable to care for yourself, your family, or to obtain medical treatment. You may become unable to pay your mortgage, insurance, children’s school costs, or any number of financial obligations. I understand these challenges.

My firm is designed to provide comprehensive representation. From the initial consultation, where we discuss the merits of your case and your ability to recover from the responsible party, through settlement or trial, I offer regular, day-to-day, collaboration with you.

How does my experience help you?

As a former Insurance Defense attorney, I spent countless hours reviewing medical records, deposing expert witnesses, consulting with insurance adjusters, and negotiating personal injury cases from the defense perspective.


I know that insurance adjusters fear a Plaintiff who can explain to the jury how the injury changed his or her life and who is prepared to stand up to cross-examination. Insurance companies refer to this as a Plaintiff who will "present well." For this reason, I work closely with my clients as we prepare to obtain the largest possible recovery for their injury.

Why should you call an attorney now?

​Important decisions must be made prior to filing suit. A good attorney will protect you during early communications with the insurance company and present a strong case for pre-litigation settlement.


Many personal injury plaintiffs are entitled to recover attorney fees if the case goes to trial - but only if their attorney takes the proper action prior to filing. Make sure that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible to preserve your rights.

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Birth Injury
Boat Accident
Brain Injury
Broken and Fractured Bones
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